Concierge Name: Kevin Welge
Patient Name: Nayibe Roca
Patient Age: 78 Years Old
Admission Date: December 5, 2023
Admitted From: Mercy Medical Center
Discharge Date: TBA
Discharged to: TBA
Length of Stay: TBA
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation due to difficulty walking after hospitalization due to Spinal Stenosis.

Details of Experience:

Ms. Roca was admitted to Mercy Medical Center on November 24, 2023 due to Spinal Stenosis. While in the hospital, she underwent spinal surgery in the hope of correcting the issue, as it had made her bed-bound and unable to walk. Prior to her surgery, her children would have to carry her up and down the stairs and assist her in getting in and out of bed.

Once her surgery was successfully completed, her care team at Mercy Medical Center determined that inpatient rehabilitation would be the next best step in her road to recovery. After doing research, her family chose Rockville Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center as the best place for her to receive her rehab.

Ms. Roca was admitted to Rockville on December 5, 2023, where she was immediately greeted by Kevin Welge, Rockville’s Director of Concierge. Once Ms. Roca was brought up to her room, she was greeted by the nursing supervisor, who helped her settle into her new environment. The very next day, Ms. Roca was evaluated by the rehabilitation staff in her room, where they helped her and her family develop a plan of care that would safely and effectively help her get back on her feet.

When Ms. Roca was first admitted, she required the use of a mechanical lift to get in and out of bed. Now, after just a few weeks of rehab, she cannot only stand and get out of bed with minimal assistance, but she can also walk the length of parallel bars with assistance. The rehab staff is incredibly proud of her progress in just a few short weeks.

Ms. Roca is well on her way to a full recovery and a safe discharge home, and the entire staff at Rockville could not be happier for her.