Concierge Name: Kevin Welge
Patient Name: Milagros Montalvo
Patient Age: 85 Years Old
Admission Date: February 16, 2024
Admitted From: Northwell Long Island Jewish Valley Stream Franklin Hospital
Discharge Date: March 29, 2024
Length of Stay: Approximately 1 month
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation after spinal fusion surgery

Details of Experience:

Ms. Montalvo was admitted to Rockville on February 12, 2024, for spinal fusion surgery. While in the hospital, her care team made the determination that sub-acute, inpatient rehabilitation would be the best course of action for her to regain her strength post-surgery on her road to recovery. After conducting research, she and her family determined that Rockville Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center was the best place for her to receive rehab.

Ms. Montalvo was admitted to Rockville on February 16, 2024, where she was immediately greeted by Kevin Welge, Rockville’s Director of Concierge. Once she arrived at her room, the nursing supervisor welcomed her, helping her transition into her new environment.

After settling in, Ms. Montalvo met with the rehabilitation staff in her room, who conducted their evaluation. This evaluation helped the rehab team create the best therapy plan to get her back on her feet and also help her regain her strength in the safest manner possible.

When Ms. Montalvo first started her therapy program, she required a lot of assistance with basic tasks, such as getting dressed, using the bathroom, and transferring in and out of bed. Even with help, she was still in pain during these activities. Through lots of determination, she continued her therapy as much as possible.

As time went on, she was able to walk to the bathroom with a rolling walker, with no pain, under the supervision of the care staff. After successfully completing those activities with a reduced amount of supervision, the rehab staff feels that she is safe to perform them without supervision, which is vital for her to be able to return home.

Ms. Montalvo was discharged from Rockville on March 29, 2024, after making great strides in her rehab program. She will forever be grateful to the staff for all the care they gave her during her stay, and they could not have been happier for her.