Concierge Name: Kevin Welge
Patient Name: Lorraine Curtis
Patient Age: 84 Years Old
Admission Date: March 18, 2023
Admitted From: Community Medical Center
Discharge Date: TBA
Discharged to: TBA
Length of Stay: TBA
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation to regain strength after a series of falls.

Details of Experience:

Ms. Curtis was admitted to Community Medical Center in Toms River, NJ, on March 9, 2023, after a series of falls that led to a fracture in her right foot, along with being unsteady on her feet. Due to her extended hospital stay, Ms. Curtis could not walk independently. At this point, her care team made the determination that she would require inpatient rehabilitation, so she could regain her strength to walk again.

Where Ms. Curtis would receive her rehab was an easy decision for her and her family, as her granddaughter, Kristi Lazarre, is the Food Service Director at Rockville. Along with her family connection to Rockville, she had also learned how renowned the community had become for the love and extraordinary care their staff provides daily. Ms. Curtis was admitted to Rockville on March 18th, 2023, where she was immediately greeted by Kevin Welge, Director of Concierge Services. Upon admission, she was also greeted by the nursing staff, who were instrumental in helping her adjust to her new environment.

The following day, Ms. Curtis was evaluated by the rehabilitation staff, who assisted her in developing a plan of care that would lead to her being able to walk again. Upon admission, she could not stand on her own or move in bed without two people assisting her. Ms. Curtis also had difficulty expressing her needs. The therapy program that was developed would help Ms. Curtis overcome these incredibly difficult obstacles.

Once Ms. Curtis was settled into her new environment, she quickly made incredible strides, to the delight of her granddaughter and the rehab staff. After a short time, she was back on her feet and in bed with minimal assistance. Once she was back on her feet, Ms. Curtis could quickly graduate from a standing walker to a rolling walker while walking approximately fifty feet at one time. Along with making great strides in her ability to walk, she can now also move in bed with minimal assistance. This fabulous progress has also made Ms. Curtis interact with her fellow residents daily. She is now incredibly social and is regularly seen at daily recreation activities.

Ms. Curtis has made incredible strides in her rehabilitation, and the entire team at Rockville is very proud of her. She is forever grateful for all the amazing care and support the team at Rockville has given her.