Concierge Name: Kevin Welge
Patient Name: Yvette Ruiz
Patient Age: 56 Years Old
Admission Date: December 28, 2021
Admitted From: Stony Brook University Hospital
Discharge Date: TBA
Discharged to: TBA
Length of Stay: TBA
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation after diagnosis of bilateral contraction of lower extremities.
How did this patient hear about Rockville? Social Worker at Stony Brook University Hospital.

Details of Experience:

Mrs. Ruiz was diagnosed with COVID-19 in early December 2021 and was later admitted to the hospital on December 16, 2021, as a result of this diagnosis and complications from pneumonia. While she was in the hospital recovering from COVID-19, the muscles in her legs contracted, thus rendering her unable to walk. When it came time for her to be discharged from the hospital, it was determined that she would need physical therapy to regain her ability to walk. While planning her discharge from the hospital, the Stony Brook University Hospital social worker presented Mrs. Ruiz and her husband with multiple options as to where Mrs. Ruiz would go to receive her physical therapy and regain her ability to walk. Mrs. Ruiz and her husband decided on Rockville after hearing about the community’s great reputation.

Mrs. Ruiz was admitted to Rockville on December 28, 2021, where she was greeted by Edler Augustin, the evening receptionist who was at the front desk when she arrived at approximately 6:00 pm that evening. Once she arrived upstairs, Mrs. Ruiz was greeted by the nursing staff on her floor and the nursing supervisor, who helped her settle in and adjust to her new environment. Mrs. Ruiz was able to get settled and was excited to start her rehab and get back on her feet. 

The following day, she was able to meet the amazing team in the rehab department, and they started working with her to develop a plan of care that would help her regain the strength in her legs and regain the ability to walk. The program Mrs. Ruiz and the incredible rehab team developed for her included exercises transferring to and from a wheelchair with braces on both of her legs, with as little assistance as possible, while also showing her how to put on and remove the braces from her legs, which she was later able to do on her own. This would allow her to become more ambulatory and would become the groundwork for the rest of her program. Once she could accomplish this consistently, the rehab team moved on to getting Mrs. Ruiz back on her feet and taking a few steps at a time with a rolling walker while her therapist held on to her to help prevent a fall. As time went on, the number of steps slowly increased. Now, Mrs. Ruiz has regained a lot of her strength and frequently goes out on pass with her husband, where they go to places such as the local malls. 

Mrs. Ruiz has made incredible strides in her recovery while at Rockville, and the rehab staff is elated with her progress. She is well on her way to being discharged and returning home. She is extremely thankful for all the care and assistance the staff at Rockville has provided her.