Concierge Name: Kevin Welge
Patient Name: Matthew Miller
Patient Age: 51 Years Old
Admission Date: October 3, 2022
Admitted From: St. Francis Hospital
Discharge Date: TBA
Discharged to: TBA
Length of Stay: TBA
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation due to difficulty walking after long hospitalization

Details of Experience:

Mr. Miller was admitted to St. Francis Hospital on September 25, 2022, from the effects of hyperglycemia.
During his hospitalization, it was discovered that he had previously had a below-the-knee amputation (BKA) of his right leg. At this point, it was determined that Mr. Miller would require rehab, which would support his adjustment to day-to-day life with his amputation. While in the hospital, the social worker at St. Francis Hospital assisted him in making the determination of where he would receive his rehab. Mr. Miller selected Rockville for its outstanding reputation, its loving staff, and incredible care.

Mr. Miller was admitted to Rockville on October 3, 2022, where he was immediately greeted by Kevin Welge, Director of Concierge. Upon admission, Mr. Miller was also greeted by the nursing staff, who helped him adjust to his new environment. The next morning, the rehabilitation staff went to his room to meet him and to conduct their initial evaluation, where they would work with him to develop a plan of care for his therapy. Upon meeting him, the rehab staff became aware of his BKA, after which they reached out to Todd Schaffhauser and Dennis Oehler, the creators of Carerite’s incredible Amputation Rehabilitation Program. Todd and Dennis then came to Rockville and introduced themselves to Mr. Miller. They are both amputees themselves, so meeting them helped Mr. Miller have a more positive outlook on his rehab, as they were able to help get him fitted for a prosthesis. Between weekly visits and many one-on-one conversations, Mr. Miller began to make great strides in his rehab. During his rehab, the staff has been able to help Mr. Miller in learning to walk with a rolling walker. 

Once he made great strides in walking, they began helping him learn how to go shopping and how to navigate a store with a bag and a rolling walker. Along with shopping, Mr. Miller also was able to master how to climb stairs, which he had not been able to accomplish due to his amputation. Now that he has a prosthesis, he can once again walk up and down a set of stairs. This has all helped prepare him for his planned discharge to an assisted living community.

Mr. Miller has made extraordinary progress in his recovery at Rockville, which the rehab staff is ecstatic about. He is well on his way to being discharged to an assisted living facility. He is forever grateful for all the support and care the team at Rockville has provided him, and we wish him well.