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Upcoming Events

Football Fridays
Every Friday during football season, starting Friday, September 5th.

Please join us as we begin another football season on September 5th. One of our most enjoyable treats is Football Friday… every Friday during football season! Everyone is encouraged to sport their team’s colors, whether it be a t-shirt, hat or head-to-toe garb… show off your team SPIRIT!

All staff wearing football garb will be donating $2.00 each week that they dress up! All proceeds will go to the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk in October, as well as, a Veterans organization for the 2nd half!

Any resident who left their jersey home, please see the Recreation Department – Debbie will find something!

Horse Racing, Rockville Style
Wednesday, September 25th
At the main dining room

Join us for horse racing on Wednesday, September 25th in the main dining room. Really… horse racing, you say? Well, this isn’t just any horse racing, you get to be the jockey and pick your own pony!

Apple Dumpling Day
Tuesday, September 17th at 10:15 am
At the Main Dining Room

What is a dumpling, you say? Join us on Tuesday, September 17th at 10:15 a.m. in the main dining room, as we explore apple dumpling day. When we say explore, we mean “create” apple dumplings. Come on over and enjoy… there will be free samples!

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