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Upcoming Events

Antique Road Show
Tuesday, April 9th at 10:15 a.m.
At the 3rd floor.

Join us as we bring our very own version of “Antique’s Road Show” to life at Rockville. Let’s all bring our “antiques” and chat about their history, what they mean to us, and where they originated from. It will be a learning experience for everyone.

Please consider participating. We’d love to hear the story of your “antique.”

Strongman Stunts
Monday, April 29th at 10:15a.m.
At the Main Dining Room.

Paul will teach us how we can use science in a variety of ways. One, in particular, will be how to tear a phone book in half. He will be sharing many other tricks of the trade in our Strongman Stunt show.

Science is very cool and you will be too, if you choose to come to our show. Should be fun!

Cook-Off at Rockville
Wednesday, April 24th at 2:15 p.m.
At the Main Dining Room

And the Cook-Off continues… Reigning Champ, Danielle, will meet another new challenger on Wednesday. What will it be this month? You won’t know unless you join us for another in a series of Cook-Offs at Rockville.

What tasty delights will be created? Enjoy!

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